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These eight foods are some of the best sources of dietary vitamin A available. A number of foods are naturally rich in vitamin B2 but there is also a range of fortified foods to which riboflavin is added.

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Calcium chloride iodine iron magnesium.

Vitamins food. Fatty fish eggs beef liver and mushrooms also. Ad Offering superior nutrition rewards AutoShip and Much More for Over 40 Years. Meat poultry and fish.

Create a printable list of foods and nutrients which can be sorted either by food name or in descending order by nutrient content. Vitamin E nuts seeds vegetable oils. Free comparison tool for finding Nutrition courses online.

Free comparison tool for finding Nutrition courses online. Thanks to these valuable nutrients and a high content of omega-3 fatty acids salmon has a number of health benefits. Fortified foods like milk provide most of the vitamin D in American diets.

Foods with a naturally high content of riboflavin include meat eggs and dairy products. Food sources of B vitamins include animal products such as meat poultry seafood eggs and dairy but leafy greens are also a source of B vitamins. Home Information Centers Food Nutrition Information Center Food Composition Vitamins and Minerals.

Ad Compare courses from top universities and online platforms for free. Vitamin E Many foods have vitamin E including vegetable oils such as wheat germ sunflower and safflower oils nuts such as almonds seeds such as sunflower seeds and green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. DRI Calculator for Healthcare Professionals.

Vitamin A carrots sweet potatoes spinach kale. Liver A single three-ounce serving of cooked liver contains as much as 6600 mcg of vitamin A or more than 700 of. Ad Offering superior nutrition rewards AutoShip and Much More for Over 40 Years.

Phytochemicals are chemicals made by plants. Iron meat poultry fish and beans. View a list of common foods and drinks and the amount of vitamin D in a standard portion.

Most commonly breakfast cereals are fortified with B-complex vitamins. Vitamin B 12 meat poultry fish. Vitamins and Minerals HHS Food and Drug Administration Center for Food.

Ad Compare courses from top universities and online platforms for free. Heres a list of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for good health plus the best food sources of each. Folate niacin riboflavin thiamin vitamin A vitamin B12 vitamin D vitamin E.

This fatty fish also belongs to vitamin B7 rich foods and it is a great source of niacin thiamin vitamin B6 and selenium. Exposure to UVB rays from the sun or other sources causes the body to produce vitamin D.

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