Sumatriptan Side Effects

Side effects are generally transient. People who take sumatriptan by mouth tend to experience the fewest side effects.

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What Are Side Effects of Imitrex.

Sumatriptan side effects. Imitrex is available as a generic drug. However possible side effects include hot and cold flashes a tingling feeling or flushing of the skin feeling dizzy drowsy or a feeling of weakness or muscle cramps. Some common side effects of sumatriptan.

Discontinue using Sumatriptan and contact your doctor if you experience any serious Sumatriptan side effects such as. Most commonly feelings of drowsiness. Some common side effects of sumatriptan.

This itchiness may be accompanied by a skin rash redness burning or tingling sensations especially among those who administer the injectable format. Transient hypertension hypotension dizziness flushing fatigue drowsiness weakness seizures nausea and vomiting heat tightness in any part of body paraesthesia seizures inj site reactions irritation of nasal mucosa and epistaxis. Some symptoms may be more intense but they usually pass quickly.

Sumatriptan has some known common side effects but these are usually mild. Most Sumatriptan users do not suffer from any negative side effects when using the medication. Of the triptans reviewed at clinically relevant doses almotriptan 125 mg naratriptan 25 mg and sumatriptan 50 mg had the lowest incidence of CNS side-effects while eletriptan 40 and 80 mg rizatriptan 10 mg and zolmitriptan 25 and 5 mg had the highest incidence.

If you feel much better after a dose of sumatriptan but your headache comes back or gets worse after a while wait at least 2 hours before taking another dose. The table below contains some of the most common ones associated with sumatriptan. Mild headache not a.

Headaches that are not relieved by sumatriptan are sometimes caused by conditions that need other treatment. Some people get an upset stomach or experience nausea or diarrhea NIH 2015. Feeling warm or cold tingling or prickling sensations in your skin pressure or pain in your chest neck jaw.

Can sumatriptan cause problems. Pain or stiffness in the jaw neck or throat Chest pain or feeling tightness pain spreads to the arms or shoulders nausea sweating feeling pain overall Sudden limb or numbness especially on one side of the body. Imitrex sumatriptan is a selective serotonin receptor agonist used in oral intranasal or injectable dosage form to treat migraine headaches.

Pain or tightness in the chest or throat tingling flushing weakness dizziness abdominal discomfort sweating nasal irritation and. You will find a full list in the manufacturers information leaflet supplied with your medicine. Article in German Marterer A1 Wöber C Schnider P Aull S Wessely P.

Pain or tightness in the chest or throat tingling flushing weakness dizziness abdominal discomfort sweating nasal irritation and. Overall the positives effects of the medication far outweigh any small side effects and many Sumatriptan users do not experience any negative side effects at all while taking the tablets. Sumatriptan–side effects and problems in routine clinical practice.

The more common side effects that can occur with use of sumatriptan tablets include. Along with their useful effects most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects although not everyone experiences them. However some side effects may occur which include.

Side effects are generally transient. A relatively uncommon Sumatriptan side effect is itchiness andor itchy skin. The study tried to investigate the efficacy adverse events and possible risk factors of sumatriptan in daily clinical practice.

Common side effects of Imitrex are. Nausea dizziness tiredness pain heaviness pressure or tightness in the chest throat or other parts of the body or unusual sensations such as numbness tingling and warmth or cold. However use this medicine only as directed by your doctor.

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