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Where to inject insulin Insulin is injected subcutaneously which means into the fat layer under the skin. At least 1 cm distance from the navel for adults.

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There are several different sites where insulin can be injected including.

Insulin injection sites. One of the best insulin injection sites is the abdomen as it usually has a layer of fat and absorbs the insulin into the body well. Common injection sites Insulin is injected into the layer of fat directly under this skin known as subcutaneous tissue. For long acting or basal insulin it might be beneficial to inject into the legs or buttocks.

Insulin should be injected into the fatty layer under your skin. It shouldnt go into muscle or directly into the blood as this changes how quickly the insulin is absorbed and works. In this part of the body insulin is absorbed most quickly to enter the bloodstream.

Back of the upper arms difficult to use when self-injecting Across the abdomen Upper outer area of the buttocks Upper outer area of the thighs Using these sites mean that your insulin or GLP-1 medication will work correctly. You can discuss which injection site is best for each meal with your health team. Below is an insulin injection site diagram and list of common sites.

Unhealthy lumps and bumps called lipohypertrophy or just lipo can form under the skin of people who inject insulin. This can lead to low blood glucose levels. Absorption of insulin varies depending on where in the body it is injected.

The subQ is the fatty tissue and is located between the skin and the muscle layer. The American Diabetes Association ADA states that insulin is most quickly absorbed when injected in the abdomen followed by the upper arms and more slowly when injected into the legs or buttockslower back area. Abdomen The abdomen is a common site for insulin injection that many people with diabetes choose to use.

Some people may have very thin abdominal areas though. It is injected with a small needle or a device that looks like a pen. Here is what you need to know about where to inject insulin.

In addition the stomach is also a part of the body that is easy to reach to facilitate the injection process. Insulin type and injection area should be compatible. Moving over one inch from the last injection in the same area of the body.

The leaner you are the more you may need to pinch your layer of fat in order to avoid injecting into muscle. You should always inject into healthy skin. The final site for administering an insulin injection is the lower back or hip.

Although you know that the four main sites for injection are stomach thigh arm and buttocks its another thing to locate the exact spot for injection. At least 3 cm distance from the navel for children. The best injection sites for insulin are a variety of locations on your body that are both easy to reach and contain adequate body fat.

In this type of injection a short needle is used to inject insulin into the fatty layer. Injecting the the subQ is the best portion of the body for the insulin to absorb at a proper rate. Side-torso fat love handle area.

You can see from the picture below the best sites for injecting insulin or GLP-1 medications are. To inject insulin in this part of the body choose an area beneath the ribs. Other parts of the body such as the thighs backs of the upper arms and buttocks are also good sites.

Especially if you inject yourself it is central that you can reach the injection site easily. Insulin causes the fat cells in the tissue of the injected site to grow. The fattier the injection site the less likely you are to hit the muscle.

For example for breakfast it may be a good idea to inject short term or bolus insulin into the belly. Injection sites on the abdomen allow rapid insulin absorption. This means that over time you may see extra fat in the areas where you inject.

Insulin is injected through the skin into the fatty tissue known as the subcutaneous layer. If you inject into them your insulin may not work properly. To administer an injection here draw an imaginary line across the top of the buttocks between the hips.

Injection sites on the thighs and buttocks allow slower insulin absorption for. Rotating your injection sites. Abdomen and thighs are the most common injection sites.

An insulin injection should be given in the subcutaneous tissue or subQ. If you inject it deeper into your muscle your body will absorb it too quickly it might not last as long and the injection is usually more painful. The absorption rate has to be considered.

Stomach is the insulin injection site most commonly targeted by diabetics. Once you know the best sites for insulin injections you need to work out exactly where to inject the insulin. Moving from the stomach to the arm to the thigh.

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