All insulin products including BASAGLAR cause a shift in potassium from the extracellular to intracellular space possibly leading to hypokalemia. The Basaglar KwikPen also includes a small dial at the end to adjust your dose.

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Just as its name suggests it comes as a pen with a needle to inject your specific dose.

Basaglar. Change rotate where you inject your insulin with each dose. BASAGLARinsulin glargine rDNA origin injection is a recombinant human insulin analogueindicated for once-daily subcutaneous administration in the treatment of patients over 17 years of age with type1 or type2 diabetes mellitus who require basallong-acting insulin for. The most likely side effect of any insulinincluding Basaglar and Lantusis low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

Nervous anxiousness or irritability. 15 2016 Eli Lilly and Company NYSE. Administer BASAGLAR subcutaneously into the abdominal area thigh or deltoid and rotate injection sites within the same region from one injection to the next to reduce the risk of lipodystrophy see Adverse Reactions 61.

Announced today that BASAGLAR insulin glargine injection 100 unitsmL is available by prescription in the US. Some brands of insulin glargine are for use only in adults. INDIANAPOLIS and RIDGEFIELD CT Dec.

Basaglar is available in a pen device which can ease administration for patients with poor vision or dexterity. LLY and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. This helps to prevent complications of diabetes.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia include. A medication called Lantus which is also made. Basaglar is used to improve blood sugar control in adults and children with diabetes mellitus.

Basaglar is currently 15 less expensive than Lantus 2. Do not inject your insulin into the exact same spot or where the skin has pits or lumps. Basaglar is for use in adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and in children at least 6 years old with type 1 diabetes.

Lipodystrophy Administration of insulin subcutaneously including BASAGLAR has resulted in lipoatrophy depression in the skin or lipohypertrophy enlargement or thickening of tissue in some patients see Dosage and. Basaglar belongs to a group of drugs called long-acting insulins. Food and Drug Administration 10903 New Hampshire Avenue Silver Spring MD 20993 1-888-INFO-FDA 1-888-463-6332 Contact FDA.

What are the possible side effects of Lantus and Basaglar. BASAGLAR is contraindicated in patients who have had hypersensitivity reactions to insulin glargine or one of the excipients. Basaglar is a prescription medication used to improve blood sugar control in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The Basaglar KwikPen is a type of dosage of insulin used to treat type 1 diabetes mellitus in pediatric patients and type 2 diabetes mellitus in adult patients. These work by replacing the insulin that is normally produced by the body and by helping move sugar from the blood into other body tissues where it is used for energy. It provides a steady level of insulin in the body for an entire day and helps control blood sugar levels.

This can help reduce your chance of getting pits lumps or thickened skin where you inject your insulin. BASAGLAR insulin glargine rDNA origin injection is a recombinant human insulin analogue indicated for once-daily subcutaneous administration in the treatment of patients over 17 years of age with type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus who require basal long-acting insulin for the control of hyperglycemia. Basaglar is FDA-approved to improve blood sugar levels in children with type 1 diabetes.

Like all insulin products Basaglar has the risk of hypoglycemia allergic reactions injection site reactions lipodystrophy pruritus rash edema and weight gain 1. Take Basaglar once a day at the same time each day. Basaglar 100 Unitsml Cartridge is a long-acting type of insulin used to treat types 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus in both adults and children.

Use BASAGLAR with caution in patients with visual impairment that may rely on audible clicks to dial their dose. Some patients taking BASAGLAR have experienced sodium retention and edema particularly if previously poor metabolic control is improved by intensified insulin therapy. Its approved for use in children ages 6 years and older.

BASAGLAR is a follow-on insulin to Lantus It is a long-acting insulin with an amino acid sequence identical to Lantus another U-100 insulin.

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